I hate Toshiba!

I hate Toshiba! Every time I have to work with anything made by them, I detest myself and made a promise over and over that I will never buy anything made by this company… (this is a personal opinion with a rather lengthy background explanation). But every now and then I have to just sacrifice myself 🙁 .

A friend of mine recently asked me to diagnose and eventually fix her Toshiba Satellite P35-S609 – an old Toshiba-made laptop with a 17″ screen. I briefly searched online for a step-by-step manual for opening such a monster, but I found none. What follows is my record of this [not so pleasant] experience:

  1. Turn the closed laptop upside down and place it on an even surface.
  2. Unlock, unlatch and remove the battery.
  3. Remove all fourteen screws labeled F18.

  4. Optional – remove the one screw labeled F5.
  5. Remove the 2 screws labeled F5 from the hard drive cover, remove cover, slide hard drive out and remove the remaining 4 screws labeled F5 that are positioned under the drive.
  6. Open screen as far as it goes and very carefully pry out the little bezel panel between the screen and the keyboard.

  7. Remove the two screws that hold the keyboard attached to the laptop, pry the keyboard out and carefully disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable from the motherboard.
  8. Remove all four screws labeled X3.

  9. Remove the two screws labeled X5 (located at the metal parts that hold the LCD assembly attached to the rest of the laptop), then carefully remove the screen assembly. Unplug the cable that connects the screen assembly to the motherboard.

  10. Remove the three screws labeled X18 (the third one is positioned right at the edge that falls under the screen and is masked by a gray-colored plastic cap.
  11. Unplug the touchpad ribbon cable from the motherboard.

Even after all these acrobatic tricks I could still not reach the cooling fans – they are positioned under the motherboard, so the entire motherboard must be disconnected and removed. I stopped right here – I got no more nerves left. I will try sucking the crap out of the cooling assembly using a vacuum cleaner from the outside of the laptop! Bad experience… even Boryana’s old Gateway laptop was much easier to open and clean up.

Have I mentioned that I hate Toshiba?

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  1. @Д.Делевски: You don’t have a Toshiba laptop at home from what I remember, right? Why the same feeling then? Not that I don’t like us thinking the same way… again 🙂 .
    @dan_: Matter of personal opinion and experience 😉
    @Sasho: Interesting… My personal choices are:
    PC laptop – IBM ThinkPad and nothing else!
    Otherwise – MacBook.
    Everything else I’ve seen has much more flaws. But this is my personal opinion again.

  2. @Vlado: I have two laptops Toshiba – my company’s laptop and my wife’s laptop. With both of them I have problems all the time, especially with the company’s one which is $1300+ laptop 🙂

  3. I own Toshiba Qosmio F20-137 media center notebook. Got it two years ago on a very good discount offer from my company.

    Except it power supply (cable teared in a very weird way), no other issues. It took 2 days for the Danish Toshiba service to send me a new power supply.

    So far – quite pleased with Toshiba. Unfortunately, my friends (look here 🙂 ) and colleagues hate it…

  4. @Д.Делевски: I thought your wife had a Gateway… but it was apparently yours. Don’t always remember, ya know.
    @Дончо: Matter of personal experience 🙂 – this has always been my opinioin.

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