Citibank checking account: Disappointed

I’m kind of sorry to say it, but recently I grew disappointed with Citibank. I opened a basic checking account with them a few years ago. It was going to be a mostly dormant account – I intended to use it for some transactions once every one or two months. They introduced a $3 monthly maintenance fee shortly after I opened it. Every time I go to a teller to execute a transaction they are asking if I have my Citibank debit card with me. I cannot see why I would need it – if I had it with me, I would have rather gone to the ATM instead of waiting on the short line that is usually present in front of the clerks around lunchtime every day. But these were minor irritations.

Recently I took some friends of mine, who arrived to the US recently, to my local Citi branch – they wanted to open a new checking account and we thought Citibank would not be a bad idea. We couldn’t open an account, though – Citibank requires way too many papers for doing this, above and beyond even the post-9/11 federal requirements. The service representative was not helpful at all. So we had to go to another bank (great service, Bank of America!) and my friends opened a new account there. I decided that I would not keep my business with Citibank anymore, so today I went and closed my account there. I am going to open a basic checking account in Bank of America soon!

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  1. аз пък съм супер доволен от CITIBANK Deutschland & CITI GROUP са най яките,bank of america също ги бива но няма никога да си отворя checking или квото и да е при тях.CHASE е истината

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  2. Good for you. I’m talking about personal experience though. Sometimes some branches of some companies do a good job, sometimes they don’t. So I recommend certain places just based on my own experience. I think I am also trying not to generalize or give broad or cover-all opinions.
    Chase Bank does not have any branches in my vicinity.

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