Misleading “Service Advisors”

I had made an appointment with one of the local Jeep dealers for today – I wanted to have the oil of my 2003 Jeep Liberty changed. The approximate vehicle mileage was 17,000. When my order was being written up, the Service Advisor recommended a transmission fluid drain and refill. He said it’s recommended by Jeep at every 15,000 miles. Price for this service was around $190. Luckily for me, I have read my Jeep Service Manual that morning. The book came with the vehicle and I always keep it in the glove box for reference. It lists two different service schedules – Schedule A (which I call ‘ideal’), and Schedule B – for stop-and-go traffic, frequently driving less than 10 miles per trip, driving in cold weather and salty streets… All of us around here probably fall under Schedule B. And interestingly enough, the same Schedule B lists the trasmission flush service every 30,000 miles. Hmmmmm… So just be aware – Service Advisors may “recommend” some service for your vehicle, but it might not be actually needed. Yes, it’s always better to service the vehicle more frequently, but than the maintenance cost skyrockets. Read your Service Manuals and then you’ll have enough knowledge to successfully and consciously dodge recommendations for unneeded services.

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