On-Star Phone Service

I received a letter from On Star‘s Director of Subscriber Services a few days ago. As I have mentioned before, one of my vehicles is equipped with an On Star system. It came with a 1-year free subscription and 50 free minutes for their phone service. These minutes were only valid for two months from the time of the vehicle purchase. I never got to try the phone service. It’s pretty easy – you press a button on your mirror and then you can either do voice dialing or go through some menu options using your voice. Well, the Director of Subscriber Services noticed that I have not purchased additional minutes for my On Star and he decided to send me a letter informing me of my options. Munites are not cheap – you would pay $20 for a package of 100 minutes of phone service and they will expire after 12 months. You would think that having a cell phone might be enough for you. Not in the US, though. GSM coverage is still not perfect (it’s a big country, you know), or your phone might be misplaced or out of juice in the worst possible moment. On Star uses some kind of satelite link, so the phone coverage should be perfect everywhere in the States. So, the letter was warning me about all the pitfals of the ordinary cell phone service and then was offering the package of minutes at a “special discounted rate” (standard pricing is $40 for 100 minutes, or 40 cents a minute!). I thought about this for a moment, but I did not like the prospect of minutes expiring after 12 months. Has this clause not been there, I would have purchased 100 minutes. Then I read the section explaining how you purchase minutes – you press the Phone button in
your vehicle, then say two words, then they need your credit card number and that’s it. Since the connection is always on and you can always talk to a live Advisor, I immediately thought that purchasing minutes in advance is highly unnecessary. If you are in a situation when you would need to talk to somebody on the phone, you can always first call On Star, purchase some minutes and then use them. And you’ll never have to pay for airtime that you wouldn’t use. Just memorize this credit card number of yours – just in case ;-).

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