Amherst Chevrolet

I’d like to express my satisfaction from the excellent service I received at Amherst Chevrolet (this is the new name of Frontier Chevrolet). I received a coupon for a free oil change from GM Corporate a few weeks ago and decided to use it there. This dealership is very close to the office, so it’s a natural choice. When I called to make an appointent, I was surprised that I was given one within 2 days of my call. I’ve worked with bigger car dealerships and there you got to wait for at least a week or two. I dropped my truck in the morning and caught a ride to work with their shuttle. Everything went well and they called me in the afternoon that my truck was ready and they sent the shuttle to give me a ride from work. My truck was parked outside. When I approached it after I got my papers (very quick service!), I noticed that the edge of the driver’s door was slightly bent – just a notch. I did not remember anything like this being there prior to that day (it was pretty obvious), so I got back inside and spoke to one of the service advisors about it. He came outside, took a look, went back in, talked to the Service Department Supervisor and she got out of her office, said she was sorry this happened and offered me to wait for an hour while they take the truck to the body shop and fix the door. I had work to do, so I made another appointment for the Monday after. And sure thing, I left my truck there again and they fixed the door perfectly – nothing to be noticed anymore. They knew my name when I was calling in to check on the status… very nice. And to think that I first went there for free service. Amherst Chevro
let proved to me that they are a very reliable and customer friendly company. We all make mistakes, but a good company offers to fix them :-). When I was leaving the dealership for the second time, the Service Supervisor came to offer an apology once again. It wasn’t really necessary from my point of view – they had already fixed everything, but she obviously wanted to be nice! So I assured her that I am going to be back and use their services whenever I need them. And next time I’ll have to pay ;-).

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