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В събота следобед с изненада установих, че сайтът с блога е недосегаем… Доста се почудих какво става, но си легнах спокойно , че да видя какво би донесъл следващият ден. Нищо не донесе – т.е. все така down 🙁 Не можех да видя и контрол панела, но на главната страница на хостинг провайдера ми нямаше никаква информация. Отворих и тикет за поддръжка, но ни вест ни кост. Накрая се зарових по форумите за поддръжка на сайта и намерих един пост, че точно тоз сървър, на който се хоства и моят сайт, е down – нещо се ецнал хард диска и трябвало да го сменят. Сменяха го към 35 часа… (даже по форумите по едно време почнаха да предполагат хората, че Барт Симпсън слагал новия хард диск, а Милхаус му помагал :-)). Най-накрая сървърът пак е up и мога да пиша. Хайде от мен да мине – с блог или без блог за няколко дена, нищо няма да ми стане (само ще трябва да се извиня на четящите). Ами някои от хората, хоствани на този сървър, все пак бизнеси имат. Обикновено напълно влизам в положението на хора, трябващи да се разправят със сериозен технически проблем, когат клиентите им дишат зад врата и се поразвикват от време на време, щото и на мен ми се случва понякога да съм в тяхното положение. Но поне обявете нещо, бе хора. Най-зле е като няма никаква информация… Явно ще се разтърся за друг хостинг провайдер – ehostpros.com се издъниха лошо с този downtime и информационното затъмнение покрай него. Но ако се съгласят да ми дадат поне 2-3 месеца за free, може и да си помисля… Но засега даже и на извинение няма да смея да се надявам.


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I was surprised to find out on Saturday afternoon that the blog site was inaccessible. I wondered for a while about what might have been going on, but later went to bed with expectations of what the next day could bring. Well, it brought nothing – i.e., the site was still down :-(. I couldn’t even access cPanel, but I couldn’t find any info on the main page of my hosting provider. I also opened a support ticket, but to no avail… Finally I tried the support forums on that site and found a post explaining that the server that my site resides on was down – some kind of a hard drive crash occured and the techs were saying that they were working on that and were promising that the server would be up soon. They kept installing the new
hard drive during the next 35 hours… (some guys in the forum started suggesting that the disk was probably being changed by Bart Simpson with a competent assistance by Milhouse :-)). The server is finally up now and I can write. It’s not a big deal for me – I can live without a blog for a few days (while asking my readers for an excuse), but some of the other people being hosted on this server have internet businesses to run… I’m usually very easygoing about situations like that and I can put myself easily in the techs shoes because stuff like this happens to me every now and then. But they could have at least informed us about the situation. It’s very very bad when there’s no information… I’ll have to look for another hosting provider – ehostpros.com blew it badly with this downtime and the informational eclipse surrounding it. If they forfeit two or three monthly fees, I could think again… But for now I don’t even expect a simple apology.

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  1. Wohoooouu, man, I’m really sorry to see that :(.
    It seems you have followed my advice for ehostpros, and they screwed it up. It’s out of question if you use the hosting for business or personal need – both you and the “business” pay the same rates, and both should expect the same uptime, right?

    I also really hate the “silence of the lambs” providers (of any kind of service). Now I’m going straight to my page, to update the ehostpros status with your “recommendations”!

    And sorry again…

  2. NP, Doncho. No worries. I tried and they happen to experience a problem and then show to the world how they would handle it. It might be an isolated incident, not normal business practice. THings will always happen, but good businesses will handle them gracefully 🙂 I’ll try talking to them for some kind of incentive and I’ll let everybody know how they would handle that…

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